Margaret Klappstein
Art Aspects


Margaret was born in the Peace River country of Northern Alberta and became interested in art at an early age. 

She recalls with fondness, the changing seasons in the Peace  and tributes her rural upbringing for the love of nature and rural people that are reflected in her paintings. 

She has also completed several murals in the city of Edmonton and the County of Strathcona, including the murals for the African Suites at Fantasyland Hotel ,the 2000 Alberta Winter Games , the murals at Ardrossan and Fultonvale arenas. 

Gallery shows include The Loft Gallery, Spotlight Gallery, Spectrum Gallery, Madsen Studios, Eagle Gallery, Kamena Gallery, Ash Street. She is a member and a past president of the Art Society of Strathcona County, and also a member of the FCA.  She served as Visual Arts Coordinator for the 2000 Alberta Winter Games. Margaret paints with passion and tries to represent different moods in her paintings. 

Margaret creates her worksin acrylic, watercolor, oils, pastel and mixed media.  Her creations capture a sense of mood, atmosphere and special moments.  Margaret has taken art workshops throught the University of Alberta, U Of A Extension, Susan Woolgar, Jane Ronanishco, Heather Pant, Carol Nelson, David Langevin, Linda Kemp, Ingrid Christiansen, Keith Bond, Tom Lynch, Xin Yu Zheng, Mike Svob, Ron Ranson, Brent Laycock, Arleta Pech, Jack Reid, Jerry Heine, Charles Spratt, Brian Atyeo, Jim Adrain, Arne Westerman, David Keiller, Eileen Rocher-Sutton, Willie Wong and Gene Prokop.

Currently a member of the Art Society of Strthcona and FCAEdmonton chapter.  Two of Margaret's paintings are a part of the Strathcona County Permanent Collection. She receive a Pride of Strathcona Award in 2002. Margaret also teaches workshops and art classes for the Art Society of Strathcona County.