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(posted on 2 Feb 2015)

30 paintings in 30 days. What an accomplishment. It felt good to be able to post everyday and better yet to have a brush in my hand. I must say it was more of a challenge than usual as we were redoin the trim in our house so ended up painting 5 doors, 2 bifold closet doors and 11 single windows plus all the trim and baseboard in that same 30 days! Never one to make life easy on myself! However, I certainly would enter the challenge again, as it helped me delve back into my watercolors and refresh some of those techniques.

(posted on 30 Jan 2015)

Day 30! Hard to believe. But here it is. The final post for the 30 day challenge. I have reacquainted myself with my watercolors and am looking forward to the next challenge. Snow on the Way is what the weather says too so it is so appropriate.

(posted on 29 Jan 2015)

An attempt at Quiller style painting. watercolor. I had fun with this one and would try it again.

(posted on 28 Jan 2015)

Day 28 of the 30 day challenge. Winter Poplars.

(posted on 27 Jan 2015)

Long day of painting--baseboards and door trim. Back to water color. I love to do flower studies. This one I did a while ago and finished yesterday knowing I would not have time today.

(posted on 26 Jan 2015)

I seem to be doing a lot of mountain and lake pictures. I love doing mountains in water color and skies. this is pretty monochromatic and gives you that feel of a cold winter day.

(posted on 25 Jan 2015)

Deep Woods Lake. Day 25 and I'm still feeling miserable. Finished a watercolor I started last year. It has a mood to it.

(posted on 24 Jan 2015)

Day 24 and my headcold is driving me crazy. A demo I did for some of my students.

(posted on 23 Jan 2015)

Rose Waves watercolor. Day 23

(posted on 22 Jan 2015)

Day 22 Barn in Winter

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